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Anders Larsen, President
The president of Undergraduate Business Council has the privilege of leading an incredible team of hardworking individuals that bring UBC to life. The president works closely with Wisconsin School of Business leadership and the UBC executive board to deliver on the organization’s initiatives. The president also meets regularly with members and other key stakeholders to ensure satisfaction. 

Major: Marketing, Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Manitowoc, WI
Fun Fact: I marketed luxury toilets during a summer internship!

Ellie Brockman, VP - Marketing
The VP of Marketing is responsible for developing visual advertising and brand strategies for UBC. They are also in charge of email, creating and monitoring UBC social media presence, and website design.

Major: Marketing, Certificate in Digital Studies
Hometown: Manitowoc, WI
Fun Fact: I studied and interned in London this past summer

Kirsten Opichka, VP - Advocacy
The VP of Advocacy is responsible for the maintenance of the Campus Groups implementation for business school organizations. The VP of Advocacy also leads the Mentorship Program for directly admitted freshmen to the business school. 

Major: Finance, Risk Management & Insurance
Hometown: Richfield, WI
Fun Fact: I have seen almost every episode of Law & Order

Angela Ciano, VP - Major Programming
Major Programming is in charge of coordinating and executing two main events throughout the academic year: Welcome Day and Business Week. Welcome Day is for the incoming direct admits to welcome them to UW and the Wisconsin School of Business. Business Week is a week long event in the spring for all business students to build community and relax from the stress of school.

Major: Finance, Risk Management & Insurance
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Fun Fact: My first camping experience was a 4 night, 5 day hike in Patagonia

Sandhiya Karunagaran, VP - Ongoing Programming
The VP of Ongoing programming is in charge of T-Shirt Traditions/Pillar Pride and Diversity & Inclusion events. T-Shirt Traditions/Pillar Pride is an ongoing program held in the Wisconsin School of Business every first Tuesday of the month to unite the student body of WSB through the utilization of WSB T-shirts and education/awareness of the pillars of the Wisconsin School of Business. Food/beverages in conjunction with specific themes of the months are given out as incentives. Diversity & Inclusion events potentially include speaker events, workshops, activities and games to promote/hone diversity and inclusion amongst the student body 

Major: Actuarial Science, Risk Management & Insurance
Fun Fact:  Chipotle is the only food I crave for when I leave the country 

Evan Wanek, VP - Outreach
As Vice President of Outreach, my team and I will be focusing on hosting monthly undergrad hour socials for undergraduate business students to network with each other and with employers. We will also be working with other organizations to host a speaker series, so look out for all of those upcoming events! 

Major: Marketing, Operations & Technology Management
Hometown: Manitowoc, WI
Fun Fact:  I have 17 aunts and uncles

Ben Massey, VP - Finance
The VP of Finance is responsible for handling all things monetary for UBC. The VP maintains records of all financial disbursement and receipts and match them with the budget, as well as manages UBC's bank accounts and payment cards.

Major: Finance, Risk Management & Insurance
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Fun Fact: I can do the splits